150 k spyder ride around Sydney

Hello All

On the 28th January we [Ann & I] meetup with a couple of other spyder bike owners and did a outer suburban ride of approx 150k’s around Sydney and I will share our photos here.

The group was Ron aka [noboot] Kathy & Geoff aka [Kathy & Geoff] and Ann & Terry aka [knife-guy]We  [Ron & ourselves] started at 9am in Parramatta Park outside the old govenment house 1st photo opportunity.


Then we  rode to Liverpool via Cumberland hwy to meet up at Krispy Creams with K & G, then we rode over and along Heathcote Rd to Sutherland then across the Taren Point Bridge to our 2nd stop and photo opportunity as below.



We left Taren Point and road across to La Perouse and found it cool and quite windy for our 3rd photo opportunity


We rode from there to our final destination which was Cenntenial Park and to sit around and have lunch and a chat and our last photo shot’s


Once we finshed our lunch we then headed to our respective homes.

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