Mobile sharpening service

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Mobile means I bring the sharpening service to you

NEW Clipper Sharpening Service

clipper sharpening machine - NEW Clipper Sharpening Service


Presentation and efficiency are the hallmarks of a good chef. Sharp knives save time, energy and produce a clean cut edge for a well presented meal every time.

E-mail or call for an appointment today, so you can have those fine dining meals cut right with sharp knives! Spyder Sharpening - Mobile sharpening in Sydney - Select for more photos

Sharpening Services

  • Knives including serrated bread and carving knives.
  • Tools, Instruments, Scissors
  • Special items such as robot coupe blades, including cheese grater, sushi knives, single bevel knives, garden tools, hedge trimmer blades. For these items email or phone for a quote

Postal Service

Need knives sharpened, but can't wait until I am in your area? No problems — post the items to me and I will have them sharp, ready to use, and returned via the post.

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All workmanship guaranteed. However, all damage and wear that is due to incorrect use of the tools are your responsibility.

If you have any queries let me know and I can come and make an assessment.