Post in your items for sharpening …

Send items to:

Terry the Knife Guy
23 Preston Road
Old Toongabbie NSW 2146

Payment options:

Direct Deposit to bank account

BSB: 733546
Account no: 507610

Bank Cheque, Money Order, or Personal Cheque
(allow time for cheques to clear)

Payable to: T Smith

Sharpened and shipped within 72 business hours. For special orders or large quantities, please allow up to one week.

Australia Post provide postal articles for your convenience

Prepaid 500g or 3kg satchel

You will need two:

put a return addressed satchel inside the first satchel with your knives/tools to be sharpened.

  • 500g satchel: $5.50 each ( x 2 = $11.00)
  • 3kg satchel: $9.60 each ( x 2 = $19.20)

For safety each knife needs to be wrapped in some newspaper and taped firmly

As a guide:

for 5 items weighing approx 610g (without safety wrapping), I would recommend that you purchase 2 x 3kg satchels. For larger items use the Post Boxes, available in a variety of sizes from Australia Post.